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The Wakeland series is about a Vancouver PI named Dave Wakeland, who is partnered with Jeff Chen in a successful private security firm. Wakeland is the odd person out at Wakeland & Chen, someone more at home in a surveillance van than a boardroom. He lives for the work that matters, drinks too much, fights too much, and is often caught between well-paying corporate jobs and and the kind of hard luck missing persons cases where he feels he can do some good.


Wakeland is the Millennial Jim Rockford or Phillip Marlowe, a person slightly out of time, but keenly tuned to the social issues of Vancouver. He’s the flawed moral heart of the city.


Hell and Gone (Fall 2021) is the third book in the Wakeland series. The first, Invisible Dead, was shortlisted for the Vancouver Book Prize, and details the search for a missing sex worker. The second novel, Cut You Down, deals with a college scandal, suburban gangsters, and police corruption. Wakeland and Chen have appeared in several short stories, including “Wonderful Life,” an Arthur Ellis-award nominated story in the Vancouver Noir anthology.