award-winning Vancouver crime writer

The mayor’s brother is missing. A transit cop lies beaten and blinded, her service weapon stolen. A new series of graffiti tags are appearing, linked to an underground group calling themselves The Death of Kings. Class warfare has broken out on the streets of Vancouver, and PI Dave Wakeland finds himself on the front lines—but unsure which side he’s on.


Here’s the first paragraph:


The view from the mayor’s outer office was something. Pearl-colored clouds had flung down snow all night, piling slim white barriers atop Vancouver’s roofs and awnings. A late morning rain was undoing the work, drowning Broadway in a slurry of gunmetal, platinum, and ash. On Cambie Street, caution lights pulsed. An accident of some sort. It was February, and the wrong people were dying.

"Terminal City’s grittiest, most intelligent, most sensitively observed contemporary detective series."
Charles Demers, 49th Shelf, author of the Annick Boudreau series


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