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award winning crime writer


“Next Up” published in Mickey Finn 2 (2021)

“Lady from Bristol” published in Trouble and Strife (2020)

"Home at Last," published in Die Behind The Wheel (2019) Nominated for an Edgar Award.

“Wonderful Life” published in Vancouver Noir. Nominated for a CWC award.

"Hollywood North" , a FREE e-book that features Dave Wakeland investigating the disappearance of a poet-turned sitcom writer. "Hollywood North" includes an excerpt from CUT YOU DOWN (2018)

"Off the Trail" published in Mysterical-e magazine (2017)

"Albuquerque" published in Suspense magazine (2017)

"Heel Turn" published in The Matador Review (2017)


"Parts Unknown" published in Fast Women & Neon Lights (2016)

"Snow Fall"published in Image Comics' The Violent, issue 3 (2016)

"No Place to Fall" published in The Dark City, (2016)

"Head Down" published in Image Comics' The Violent, issue 1 (2016)

"The Glennon Falls" published in The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (2015)

"Next to Nothing" published in Dark Corners, issue 1 (2014)


"August in the Pines" published in subTerrain issue 68 (2014)

"The Third Echo" published in the Girl Trouble by Criminal Element and St Martin's Press. Nominated for an Arthur Ellis Award. (2014)

"Gallows Point" published in ThugLit, issue 10 (2013)

"Black Light Marker" published in Spinetingler,  (2012)

"He's No Humanitarian, But Damn, Can He Take a Punch" runner up for the Scene of the Crime award, published in Thousand Islands Life (2012)