Sam Wiebe


Manuscript Consultation



I’m taking on a limited number of editing and consultation projects. 

What is a Manuscript Consultation?

Working one on one with writers, improving their work in terms of plot, characters, and other elements. Making suggestions to help get their work ready for an agent or publisher.

I can’t write or rewrite your novel for you, or introduce you to my agent. I can offer practical suggestions that are tailored to your work and your goals as a writer, based on my experience. I’ve worked with writers of all levels, from beginners to published, award-winning authors.


Editing is expensive and time-consuming work for both the editor and writer. Fifty dollars an hour is my rate. (Think about how long it takes you to read a book, and then imagine reading it twice and preparing a detailed and incisive critique of the book, and you can begin to imagine the time and cost involved.)

“The Starter Pack”

As a way to see if this is right for you, I’m offering four hours of editing, which is a read-through and critique of a short portion of your manuscript (max 2500 words), with detailed notes on what works and what needs improvement. for a flat fee of two hundred dollars. 

This way there are no extra expenses unless we both agree that doing more work on the book is something you want.



"Whenever I need help making a crime story work, Sam Wiebe is the friend & colleague I turn to. His advice was instrumental in the editing process for my novel “Property Values,” which went on to become a BC Bestseller & is being developed as a feature film."
Charles Demers, author and comedian

For people who’ve taken the Mystery Writing Masterclass, I’m happy to look at a longer portion of work, up to 3500 words, for the same price. 
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