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October 19, 2016

The first month of being the VPL Writer in Residence has been amazing. The opening event was terrific, with some people calling it the best event the VPL has ever offered (note: I am one of the people saying that, and not for any involvement of myself. The panelists were incredible.) The workshops so far have been fun and interesting, and I'm amazed at the creativity of the community. Tonight's scriptwriting workshop will hopefully continue that trend.

Quercus/Little Brown will be publishing INVISIBLE DEAD next year, around the time the second Wakeland novel comes out in Canada. Obviously I'm thrilled about this. Speaking of the second novel, I've been working on the edits for it, and just got it off to my editor Craig Pyette at Random House. Craig helped write Roddy Piper's memoir, which looks incredible, and there's a terrific article by him about the collaboration with Piper in the National Post.

Anyway, I'm very excited to be working with so many cool people. And tomorrow I'm onstage at the Vancouver Writers Fest with Peter Robinson and Michael Koryta! Things don't get better than this.

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