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I’m heading to Dallas for Bouchercon! Oct 31-Nov 2 I'll be at  the Shamus Awards event, a panel, and then mostly hanging around the hotel bar.
At WORD Vancouver on September 29th, I’ll be moderating a True Crime panel featuring Eve Lazarus (interviewed below), Aaron Chapman, and Curt Petrovich. 

I’ll be at the Surrey International Writers Fest Oct 25-27, teaching workshops on Plot and Dialogue, and sitting on a panel with Anne Perry, Denise Mina, and Chuck Wendig.

I’ll also be moderating the “Mystery Three Ways” event Oct 26 at the Vancouver Writers Festival, featuring Sarah Leavitt, Nathan Ripley (interviewed in my last newsletter), and Iona Whishaw.
I wasn’t all that taken with the first season of Mindhunter…until the last couple of episodes where I feel the show really figured itself out. The second season was flat-out terrific. If you’re suffering withdrawal, like I am, John Douglas’s The Killer Across the Table is a solid read.
Richard Russo’s The Destiny Thief was a smart collection of essays on writing. And Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz’s The Sopranos Sessions was a great accompaniment to our rewatch.

The late Anne Rivers Siddons wrote an amazing horror novel, The House Next Door.
Rebecca Godfrey’s Under the Bridge is a nuanced and thoughtful telling of the Reena Virk murder case, one of the worst crimes in B.C. history. Godfrey really understands the time and place, and does an admirable job portraying the teens involved—not only the criminals, but the courageous teens who spoke up. 
Wakeland 3 news coming next issue, I promise, I promise…

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